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  • 1, in jumbo bag handling the lifting operation, jumbo bag around and below are not allowed to have staff standing, lest appear in hoisting accident, resulting in unnecessary personnel injury. 2, the lifting operation operation, hook position should b...
  • Consumers for the chemical fiber yarn awareness is relatively small, fine denier polypropylene filament is one of them, consumers understand their use? Clothing as a daily necessities of life, has been occupying a pivotal position, the general consum...
  • Since the beginning of 2017, 1.2 months of plastic raw materials continued to rise, titanium dioxide is more than 20 years since N repeatedly rose, with the increase in environmental protection efforts, carbon black limited production, production, co...
  • Domestic masterbatch first appeared in the mid-70s of last century, to trial production. At that time, masterbatch products in the field of polypropylene spinning has been applied, but poor quality.
  • Indusry use big bag 1000kg FIBC/bag super sacks for sand cement and chemical,1 ton pp woven big bag.
  • As the main pillar of the domestic economy, the field of chemical fiber has been developing, although the traditional chemical fiber market in this continuous development of the social status of a little decline, but with similar to the birth of fine...
  • In recent years, with the continuous development of contemporary industrial technology and the continuous extension of the industrial textile areas, high tenacity polypropylene filaments are widely used in following industrial areas because of its un...
  • Polypropylene filament is the lightest proportion of all clothing fibers. It is the fiber that can float on the water surface (about 0.91g/cm3 in weight), but its strength is very good. Therefore, polypropylene fiber has been widely used in clothing.
  • We have 5 tons of 3000D/720F white PP ATY with good quality in stock, which are used to produce airline seat head cover. Unit price (<4 ton): USD2.65/KG FOB Shanghai. Unit price (≥4 ton): USD2.50/KG FOB Shanghai.
  • Flame retardant masterbatch is based on Flame Retardant on the organic combination of various flame retardant composition modification and synergistic effect, and through the double screw or three screw extruder after mixing, extrusion, a granular pr...
  • High tenacity polypropylene multifilament plays a very important role in our life, each product has different use, play different effects, the following, we will try to understand the characteristics and advantages of high tenacity polypropylene mult...
  • FIBCs for pharmaceutical use are often paired with a polyethylene liner because of the fine, powdered nature of the product.
  • Container Liquid Bag-Flexitank is a one-time product, and we use the imported food grade raw materials.The liquid will not have secondary pollution.It can effectively maintain product quality
  • Flexitank-Container Liquid Bag is a software package made of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) capable of storing and transporting various non-hazardous liquid cargoes.
  • Thank you all for giving our company full support in 2016.The Spring Festival of 2017 is approaching,all the staff of ChuangDa Plastic company wish you have a happy Spring Festival and good luck in the year of Rooster.
  • Coated woven materials for the production process and the peel strength of liquidity has a very important influence on you, so choose the coating material is more stringent requirements Bila Si material.
  • Welcome to our new website, we will continous to supply all of our new and old clients with better service. Thanks for all the support!
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