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1.What are the properties of polypropylene fiber?

Polypropylene fiber is the lightest fiber of common chemical fibers. It is almost not hygroscopic, but has good wicking capacity, high strength, dimensional stability of the fabric, good wear elasticity, and good chemical stability. However, the thermal stability is poor, not resistant to sunlight, easy to age and brittle.

2.What are the end uses of polypropylene fiber?

Used for weaving socks, mosquito net cloth, quilts, thermal fillers, diaper wet, etc. Industrial use: carpets, fishing nets, canvas, hoses, medical belts instead of cotton gauze, as hygiene products.

3.What are the different uses of FDY threads according to the shrinkage rate?

High Shrinkage yarns: FDY yarns which have a high shrinkage are used in the fabrication of cloth and curtain fabrics and create a blooming structure on the fabric surface.
Low shrinkage yarns: FDY yarns which have low shrinkage are widely used in the rachel blanket industry.

4.What is staple fiber yarn?

• Fabrics have small protruding fibers hence they are dull, have fuzzy look, and are subject to pilling.
Have an excellent handle and provides good comfort.
Fabrics made from staple yarns have good strength and have good covering power.

5.What type of products can be handled in a Super Sack container?

Products that are dry and flowable. Some specialized BAG Corp products can transport liquids or semi-viscous products.

6.If I have large quantity, can you give me a discount?

Yes, of course. If the quantity is more than 3000pcs, we'll give you a more favorable price.

7.Before placing the order, can I visit your factory?

Yes, warmly welcome. Before you come, please let us know your schedule, your arriving time, we can help to pick you up at nearby airport or railway station.

8.How are Super Sack containers filled?

Generally through a fill spout located on the top.

9.How are Super Sack containers discharged?

Various methods are used, though, typically, it is through a discharge spout located at the side or bottom of the container, or by slitting a flat bottom container.

10.How are the Super Sack containers transported?

Super Sack containers are transported via top straps (with a forklift), a pallet (with a pallet jack or forklift), or Stevedore straps (with a crane hook or adapter).

11.What is your products advantage?

We can guarantee the quality of the products, our products in the United States and other developed countries is very popular, has been recognized by customers around the world.

12.When would I use a liner with my Super Sack container?

Food applications, fine powders, moisture sensitive products, and products that would require oxygen or vapor barriers would all be good candidates for liners.

13.How do you address static electricity when using a FIBC?

Bag designs are available in static-dissipative and conductive fabric. Both of these will help to control static when using FIBCs. Antistatic liners are also available.

14.What do I need to know to figure out a Super Sack container specification for my product?

The following is the information you will need to have on hand to determine a Super Sack container specification that best suits your product: 1.) Bulk density in pounds per cubic feet; 2.) Special Characteristics of your product (i.e. Does your product absorb water? Does your product bridge? Is your product extremely fine? How much does your product weigh?). For more information, please contact chuangda plastic.

15.What size Super Sack containers do I need?

Depends on your product bulk density and the mode of transportation you will be shipping the filled Super Sack container in.

16.Can I get the sample for free?

Yes, free samples are available, you just need to pay the  express fee.  If you need us to design the sample, you should pay for the proofing, but if you make the bulk order, the proofing fee will be returned. 

17.What are typical leadtimes for an order?

The first container within 40 days after order confirmation , the later containers normally around 25 days

18.What is the order process for a new customer or application?

Once a Super Sack specification is generated and approved, a price is agreed upon, a sample is approved, your credit approved or payment is made, then a trial order or order is placed.

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