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  • Our office will be closed from 2/14 to 2/21 for the coming chinese new year holiday. We will back to work till 2/22/2018.
  • 95*95*138cm filling spout and flat bottom big bag clearance sale
  • Yarnexpo 15-17th,Mar.2018
  • We can supply high tenacity,intermingled,twisted,color,add UV PP multifilament yarn.OEM/ODM business if welcomed.Application:PP fishing twine,PP fiber for concrete,PP sewing twine,PP webing,Industrial filter cloth,PP rope,Fishing net,Safety net,etc.
  • Dear all customers, Thanks for your support all the time! Our company will have a long holiday from Oct.1-Oct.8, due to the coming Chinese National Day and traditional Middle-autumn Festival.
  • We have 5 tons of 3000D/720F white PP ATY with good quality in stock, which are used to produce airline seat head cover. Unit price (<4 ton): USD2.65/KG FOB Shanghai. Unit price (≥4 ton): USD2.50/KG FOB Shanghai.
  • Polypropylene ultra-fine denier with a soft texture, good cohesion, gloss soft, commonly used in the production of silk fabrics, velveteen fine fine sewing thread, hosiery and filter materials; at the same time because of this fiber has excellent ant...
  • Polypropylene ultra-fine denier Product Features:1, hydrophobic sweat, smooth and easy to dry3, low heat conduction, warm and comfortable2, soft texture, affinity and skin4, the original liquid dyeing, good color fastness5, wear and wash, acid and al...
  • Polypropylene fine denier DTY is a high-tech ultra-fine fibers, although with a light weight, corrosion resistance, good warm and breathable moisture and many other advantages, but because of difficulties in limiting the development of polypropylene ...
  • Different functions of masterbatch, the choice of paint, the performance is different, the following were introduced under the functional masterbatch how to choose the pigment
  • Special color masterbatch is for the user specified for the plastic products, use the same plastic as a carrier made by the masterbatch. Such as: ABS masterbatch, carrier Wei ABS, HDPE Color Masterbatch, the carrier for the HDPE, PP Color Masterbatch...
  • General color masterbatch there are many shortcomings. In fact, the generic masterbatch 'general' range is very small, technical indicators, economic benefits are also poor, specifically in:
  • Polyester Fire Retardant Fabric, "Polyester Fire Retardant Fabric", fabric flame retardant, often through the gas phase flame retardant,
  • With the changes in the industry environment, the popular masterbatch products are no longer adapt to the fierce market competition, and functional masterbatch production of high-performance, energy saving and environmental protection of various type...
  • With the increasing demand for industrial production, more and more types of container bags are used in many industries. In the application, the container bags are not only loaded with heavy weight, but also of good quality.
  • Reporters recently learned from the Tianning District Government, Changzhou new textile and garment industrial park planning baked.
  • Plastic bags Perhaps we are very familiar, but for container bags and tons of bags might have a little unfamiliar to the bar, then what is FIBC? What is tons of bags it?
  • The advantages of polyester masterbatch
  • A flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) or bulk bag,or big bag,is an industrial container made of flexible fabric that is designed for storing and transporting dry, flowable products,such as sand,fertilizer,and granules of plastic.
  • Masterbatch compared to other dyes, its dispersion, stability, operability is good for all of us to see, and its color of the bright and beautiful is captured the hearts of the masses. Then all this good, where is it? This is to start from the basic ...
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