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Advantages Of High Tenacity PP Yarn

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Flexibility - Have you ever thought about why sportswear is made of polypropylene yarn? This is because polypropylene has elasticity and flexibility. Due to the length of polymer molecules, they can be easily stretched and quickly restored to their original shape after stretching. Whether it is elastic or flexible materials, it is an excellent choice for frequent movement.

Low cost - The production cost of polypropylene yarn is lower than that of cotton or wool. PP fibers can be produced in large quantities at low cost. It can reduce consumer costs, which is the main advantage of polyester. Some people believe that there is a difference in quality between polyester printing and pure cotton printing. On the other hand, Pdf can be printed on it, allowing for the production of low-cost printed t-shirts. A specific lamination method is necessary to make most fabrics waterproof. PP has waterproof properties. Therefore, manufacturers no longer need to use expensive lamination procedures.

Durability – Polypropylene’s lengthy, stable polymers make it a durable and sturdy fabric. Polypropylene, as a result, keeps its form effectively and does not stretch readily. Despite its strength, 100% polypropylene is a soft, lightweight fabric suitable for various garment designs.

Heat resistance - Polypropylene has high heat resistance, which means it takes a long time to ignite. Therefore, polypropylene is one of the most common fabrics in children's pajamas due to its strong heat resistance.

Waterproof - Water droplets on the surface of polypropylene, rather than penetrating due to its inherent waterproof properties. In contrast, polypropylene is not waterproof. Ultimately, a large amount of water pressure will penetrate into the fabric. The number of threads in polyester fiber fabrics can improve their water resistance. Polyester is widely used as at least one layer in jackets and outerwear due to its weather resistance.

UV Protection – UV protection is provided by polypropylene fabric. However, like with any textile, it will ultimately reach the skin if sunlight is visible through it. PP yarn is a versatile option that is strong, durable, and long-lasting. If you’re looking to buy high-quality PP yarn, look no more! JP Fibre offers high-quality PP yarn at affordable prices for all your uses.

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