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Why is PP high strength filament so useful?

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Polypropylene high strength filament is actually one of the commonly referred to chemical fiber products. It is very convenient to use, and also very convenient to carry. It is easy to operate, not easy to damage, and not easy to wear and tear. It is a product that we often use in our chemical fiber materials. We should know that polypropylene fiber itself is not swollen and feels like the yarn of a sweater. In order to achieve better filtration effect in water treatment, polypropylene fiber needs to undergo some puffing, which may come in two colors: white and colored. Due to its use of a large number of biomolecules adhered to its surface to nourish and purify wastewater through repeated contact with small suspended solids that are difficult to precipitate and remove, as well as organic matter degradation, its application in our daily lives is very important and has brought us a lot of help.

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