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How is nylon made?

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Nylon is a long-chain polyamide formed by the reaction of diamine and dicarboxylic acid. The monomer of nylon is caprolactam, and the monomer of nylon 6,6 is hexamediamine adipate. However, nylon 6,6 is widely used in the textile industry.

The steps involved in the manufacturing of nylon 6,6 are as follows:

  • Polymerization: Two raw materials, adiponic acid and adipdiamine, are mixed in a reaction chamber to form a solution called nylon salt.

  • Heating: The molten polymer is then extracted from the tank into strips, which are then quickly cooled, dried and made into nylon sheets.

  • Spinning: The nylon chips are then fed into a hopper which is heated.    This converts the chips into a solution which is then passed through a spinneret (a sieve-like device with holes).

  • Drawing: Cold air is blown when the filament is passed through the spinning machine. This helps to make the molecules parallel or oriented.

  • During stretching, the fiber may be stretched to increase strength and elasticity.

  • The length and diameter of the fibers can be controlled by the manufacturer by changing the size of the spinneret.

  • The resulting long, continuous filaments can be easily spun into clothing.


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