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Polypropylene fiber and its characteristics

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Polypropylene fiber is made of isotactic polypropylene as a raw material of propylene polymerization technology, after a special process made of synthetic fiber.

Polypropylene fiber has five main characteristics:

1. Polypropylene fiber has high strength, wear resistance and good elasticity, corrosion resistance

Polypropylene fiber is strong (the same strength in wet and dry) and can reach the strength of polyester, making it a suitable material for fishing nets and ropes.  Wear resistance and good elasticity, polypropylene fiber stability is poor, so polypropylene fiber fabric is easy to pilling and deformation.  Chemical resistance is far more than other fibers, and antimicrobial resistance is strong, not easy to moth.

2. Polypropylene fiber with good heat preservation, insulation

Polypropylene fiber poor thermal conductivity, resistivity is much higher than the general fiber, other chemical fibers compared with polypropylene fiber, polypropylene fiber warmth retention properties, insulation is good.

3. The dyeing and hygroscopic properties of polypropylene fiber are poor

The fuel complexing agent can be mixed with the original solution coloring and fiber modification prior to melt spinning.Polypropylene fiber dyeing performance is poor, light color, color fastness is low.  Ordinary fuel will not stain it.  Color polypropylene fiber is mainly produced by prespinning coloring.

4. Polypropylene fiber has poor heat and aging resistance

Polypropylene fiber raw material is propylene, low melting point, affected by heat, light stability is very poor, therefore, polypropylene fiber aging and heat resistance is poor, try to avoid ironing to avoid out of shape.  Manufacturers generally add certain anti - aging agents when spinning to improve the anti - aging properties of polypropylene fiber.

5. Polypropylene fiber is very light in weight

The density of polypropylene fiber is the smallest of all chemical fibers, so polypropylene fiber is often used to do mountaineering clothing, ski clothing and other fabrics.


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