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What is the difference between the special masterbatch?

View: 35608/24/2017  

General color masterbatch there are many shortcomings. In fact, the generic masterbatch 'general' range is very small, technical indicators, economic benefits are also poor, specifically in:

1. Poor predictability of coloring effect

Color Masterbatch is used to color, universal masterbatch pigment in different plastics will show a different color, so the poor predictability of coloring effect.

2. Affect the other properties of plastic products

Especially the impact of strength, the product is easy to deformation, distortion, more obvious on the engineering plastics.

3. Higher cost

Universal Color Masterbatch In order to be able to 'generic', often choose a higher heat-resistant grade of the pigment, causing waste.

Color masterbatch in addition to color, can also have a flame retardant, brightening, anti-static, anti-oxidation, anti-ultraviolet and other functions?

The masterbatch can have several of these functions at the same time, if the factory makes this request.

Sometimes, although the customer did not request, the masterbatch will also recommend the user to add some additives, such as adding some additives in the color masterbatch, such as brighteners and so on. Of course, this will increase the cost of the product. Universal masterbatch is relatively simple and convenient, but the more shortcomings, we recommend that you choose a special masterbatch.




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