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Flame retardant polyester wire why can play a flame retardant effect?

View: 39508/23/2017  

Polyester Fire Retardant Fabric, "Polyester Fire Retardant Fabric", fabric flame retardant, often through the gas phase flame retardant, condensed phase flame retardant and interruption of heat exchange flame retardant and other principles to achieve. Inhibition of the combustion reaction chain to promote the growth of the free play of the function of the flame retardant fabric is a gas phase flame retardant; in the solid phase to delay or prevent the thermal decomposition of the polymer from the role of flame retardant flocculation phase; the polymer combustion part of the heat Take away the resulting flame retardant, it is interrupted by the heat exchange mechanism type of flame retardant. But the combustion and flame retardant are very complex process, involving a lot of impact and factors, a flame retardant system flame retardant mechanism is strictly divided into a certain kind of is difficult, in fact, many flame retardant system at the same time with several resistance The burning principle works.



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