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The advantages of polyester masterbatch

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The advantages of polyester masterbatch
(1) easy to use
Spinning before the color of polyester production, fiber use without any special requirements, the original spinning equipment, the existing production process. Especially when the polyester and other fibers blended intertwined, the use of polyester fiber does not only reduce the dyeing process, so that is not suitable for high temperature, high pressure dyeing conditions of fiber and polyester blended intertwined and easy to achieve the fabric pre-designed style. So before the spinning color to a certain extent, it can be said that no investment in the dyeing plant, is to use advanced technology to solve the dyeing and finishing "bottleneck" one of the shortcuts.
(2) low cost
The cost of dyeing is the consumption of energy and additives. Spinning before dyeing reduces the dyeing process of dyeing and finishing equipment and multi-channel fibers or fabrics, removes the dyeing auxiliaries, combines each pigment molecule into the target product, fundamentally eliminates the dye discharge, reduces the consumption of raw materials, To avoid environmental pollution, reducing the cost of dyeing, saving a huge amount of pollution control costs, there are reports, "polyester spinning before coloring and fiber dyeing compared to the production of 100 tons of liquid dyeing polyester staple fiber can save 10,000 tons of water, saving Gas 16,500 cubic meters, saving electricity 5.6 million degrees. "Fiber dyeing per 100 kilograms of products, can produce about 10 tons of wastewater. " According to the survey, dyeing average t coloring fee of 4,000 yuan or so, and the use of masterbatch spinning before coloring, the tanning cost of the average cost of only 1,200 yuan, we can see spinning before the coloring not only saves a lot of pollution charges, and coloring costs only Of the third, that is, the cost of dyeing to more than three times the color of the liquid.
(3) high coloring quality
Conventional dyeing is mainly carried out using high temperature and high pressure conditions as described above using disperse dyes. However, due to the production of fiber and physical and chemical treatment is difficult to ensure that the internal structure of the crystal area and the uniform distribution of the area, the dye crystal, dispersion, dyeing rate and other general are often different, so the dyeing process is often easy to produce Color, stain, color flowers and other dyeing defects. Spinning before spinning is the coloring agent and the true color of the slices before the spinning, evenly mixed, and then by the melt filter, and then spinning, so the fiber dyeing uniform, regardless of batch size, color uniformity can be maintained, batch and The batch will not appear between the unacceptable color. From the structure of the fiber before dyeing, the colorant and the polyester form a consistent uniform solid solution, light fastness, washability, friction resistance and other fastness than conventional dyeing.
(4) environmental protection is good, good for health
The coloring agent used before dyeing is solvent dye, does not contain the structure and composition of the disabled, the human body does not cause harm. At the same time as the dyeing before dyeing can withstand more than 300 ℃ high temperature, spinning process without any gas and wastewater discharge, dye utilization increased to 100%, therefore, masterbatch color can be said to be environmentally friendly, health products.


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