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The advantages of PP FDY yarn

View: 11706/16/2022  


  • With good advantages of environmental, nontoxic, acid-resistant, alkali resistant, light specific gravity, small hot-shrinkage rate, low thermal conductivity, little static electricity savings, light weight and so on, PP FDY is widely applied to the fields of safety belt, industrial lifting belt, FIBC, geotextile, industrial filter cloth, rope, optical cable, high-pressure fire hose, conveyer belt, industrial sewing thread...

  • Chuangda can produce PP FDY yarns range from 300D to 3500D, which included high tenacity PP yarn, colored and twisted PP yarn, and ATY yarns for decorative cloth. 

  • Due to the advanced equipment, perfect technological process and scientific management system, our products passed SGS testing and widely used in webbings, belts, ropes, straps, geo-fabrics and other application.

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