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How to choose the production process woven coated material

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Coated woven materials for the production process and the peel strength of liquidity has a very important influence on you, so choose the coating material is more stringent requirements Bila Si material. 

In the choice of coating material we first have to choose a good flow properties, good flow to film uniformity, thickness of coating uniformity. Flowability index is a measure of the melt index M1, in general, the polyethylene is 4 ~ 15g / 10min, polypropylene 7 ~ 30g / 10min more appropriate. Furthermore, the stability of the coating material is selected to take into account, since the coating is carried out under high temperature conditions, the extrusion temperature is typically at about 290 ℃,  material higher. Resin melt coating film during the contact with air, the surface oxidation reaction of a carbonyl group, an increased binding capacity. However, the high temperature will polyolefin resins, especially polypropylene, thermal aging. And thus to choose a good thermal stability of the resin. 

Woven products used in the production of various aspects of people's lives, people's quality requirements woven products are also increasing, select woven products, raw materials, and therefore more important.

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