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Polypropylene Fine Denier DTY yarn

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Polypropylene fine denier DTY is a high-tech ultra-fine fibers, although with a light weight, corrosion resistance, good warm and breathable moisture and many other advantages, but because of difficulties in limiting the development of polypropylene fine silk products.

As we all know, polypropylene fiber structure closely, the lack of polar genes or reactive genes, and thus difficult to dye. Before the use of more liquid dyes, but the chromatographic incomplete, not bright color. Therefore, we first use the dye on the polypropylene fine denier fabric dyeing test, the results found that only a few few disperse dyes can be infected with polypropylene fiber. This makes us realize that screening of dyes alone is difficult to solve the dyeing problem.

To this end, the use of the advantages of polypropylene fine wire to develop a double knit product, that is, with a good core absorbent water-based polypropylene fiber for the inner layer to hydrophilic natural fiber wool, silk, cotton as the surface, so that the body's sweat Quickly outward conduction and evaporation, so you can ensure that the skin with the release of the skin is always dry and comfortable.


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