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Do you want to know more about polypropylene filament?

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Features of polypropylene filament:

①Polypropylene filament is one of the light fiber, its weight is only cotton 3/5, so it is suitable for winter clothing flakes or ski suits, mountaineering suits and other fabrics, can also be used for the production of ropes, fishing nets, filter cloth and so on.

②Polypropylene filament moisture absorption is very small, its moisture regain is seen as 0%, so its clothing to quick-drying, very cool, not shrinking and other advantages known. But poor comfort, dyeing is also very poor. Since the polypropylene film is liable to break in the direction perpendicular to the stretching, it is used on the belt.

③Polypropylene filament strength, good abrasion resistance, strong and durable.

④Polypropylene filament corrosion-resistant, but not heat, intolerant light, easy aging.

⑤Polypropylene filament has a very good stability to inorganic acid and alkali, the stability of organic solvents slightly worse.

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